5 Cool Running Goals You Can Achieve in January

Which of these goals will you choose to achieve this month?


Create A Running Habit

One of the most useful goals you can set yourself is consistency. This simple-sounding goal is one which will pay you back over a lifetime of running.

Goal: to make running part of your routine

How to do it: commit to 2-4 runs per week. Find days and times you can stick to. Write them in the family calendar or your personal planner. Start small – the trick is making it easy so you simply can’t fail.


Train for A Race

Entering a race is a classic January goal, giving you something exciting to focus on for the dreary winter months.

Goal: enter at least one race in 2020

How to do it: decide which distance you’d like to do (it doesn’t have to be something you are already capable of – that’s what training plans are for). Search online or ask your local running club for recommendations.


Join A Club

Your local running club is a great resource, for coaching, training, and like-minded friendships.

Goal: to visit your local running club at least once and consider joining

How to do it: search Facebook or online for your nearest running club (there may be more than one). Get in touch to check that it’s OK to turn up on their regular club night. Run with them, chat, ask questions about training and other benefits.


Change the Terrain

Running on different surfaces is great for your strength, fitness, and confidence.

Goal: head off the beaten track in 2020 and include different terrains in your running routine

How to do it: research local running routes that go off-road, these could be canal paths, fields, footpaths, byways, or any trails. Aim to run off-road once a week.


Get Faster

Improving your pace is a classic running goal. Is 2020 the year you will focus on speed?

Goal: to get faster, either per mile or for a set distance.

How to do it: decide what will constitute success for you with this goal. Get a solid training plan that will help you get faster in a sensible and structured way. Consider running a regular route or a short (5K) race to test your pace progress.