5 Reasons To Love Running In January

The Windsor Half Marathon  and Windsor Women’s 10K might be 9 months away, but January running is important!


How do you feel about running in January? Some people welcome it – it’s the chance to get outside with no phone or to-do list at a busy time of year. But it’s cold, dark, and rainy… Does anyone really love January running? Here are 5 good reasons to be passionate about running this month. Even if you’ve entered the Windsor Half or Windsor Women’s 10K – which are in September!

#1 January running builds serious mental strength

Yes, it’s cold, dark, and rainy out there. So imagine how strong every run makes you. Not just physically, but mentally. It’s easy to run in Summer. Even non-runners can do it. But January? That’s for the dedicated. The men and women you see pounding the pavements in the dark, kitted out in reflective gear and gloves, they’re the strong ones. So get out there today. You won’t just be building up your muscles and lungs. You’ll be training your dedication, focus, and self-control. And you know you’ll always feel better after a run.

#2 Sunrises!

Runners get to see the best bits of nature. Time it right, and you’ll be able to watch the sun rise on your morning runs this month. Whether you live by the sea or in a city, a sunrise is always magical. Whilst all the non-runners are still in bed (or already on a packed train or in a traffic jam), you will be out there watching a bit of nature’s magic. Striding along, free as a bird, watching the sky turn from black to blue to shades of deep red and vivid pink, violet and orange and yellow. Schedule in your next run to coincide with the sunrise, and fall in love with winter running in a flash.

#3 January running sets you up for the year

By the time summer rolls around, you’ll see runners everywhere. And as marathon season approaches, the streets will be packed with newbies. But January runners are here all year round, rain or shine, even on the darkest days. Be one of them. Run through January and you’ll set yourself up for a solid year of running. January is a great foundation year, building base fitness, strengthening your cardiovascular system, and getting yourself into fantastic habits. Get through January, and the rest of the year will be a breeze!

#4 Beat SAD

Do you suffer with low mood and poor energy during winter? Us too. Running throughout the dark months really helps. Weirdly, it actually seems to give us more energy than if we stayed in and didn’t run. Running during the “SAD months” boosts energy levels, gives you a positive focus, and can really have an incredible impact on mood. It can even keep you away from more serious mood disorders. Running also helps you make better food choices, and can help you sleep better. And if you can run during daylight hours, you get a valuable dose of Vitamin D. If you’re prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder, running is your free remedy and it never needs a GP prescription!

#5 Get your weight loss goals going

Let’s be honest, most of us want to lose a bit of weight in January! Whether losing weight is your major goal for the year, or you just want to get rid of a festive bloat, running in January will definitely help. It torches calories, tones up your legs and bum, and helps you sweat out some of the excess of the past few weeks. Bundle up, get running, and watch your body shape up and slim down over the next few weeks.


See why we love running in January? Don’t back off, keep going, and reap the rewards when spring rolls around!