Windsor Half Marathon FAQ's

Overseas Entrants Information

Overseas Entrants Windsor Half Marathon. Please collect your race number from the administration marquee on the day of the race. There is a special designated area marked as ‘Overseas’ within the Administration Marquee for you to collect your number from.

Is there a cut off time to finish the Half Marathon?

There is no official cut off time but please be aware that the roads are closed with in Windsor Great Park until 1pm after which the roads will be open, there will be minimal traffic on the roads and water stations will remain open until the last runner has gone through the finish.

Gun Time / Chip Time Defined

The Windsor Half Marathon produce two times. The first is what is called the Gun Time. It’s the official race time and is the time that the runner takes to complete the course from the time the gun was fired. Of course if you take say thirty seconds to cross the line this additional time is part of your race time.

We also produce a Chip Time (or Chip to Chip Time as it’s sometimes referred to). This is the time that the runner actually takes from the time they crossed the start line (even if they took thirty seconds to do so from went the gun was fired) to the time they crossed the finish line. However, this time has no relevance to the results whatsoever and is used for information purposes only.

As far as the rules of athletics are concerned the Gun Time is the important time, and this is what the results and prizes are based on, otherwise the race becomes a time trial where the winner need not be the first person to cross the finish line.

Do I have to run for a Charity?

No you don’t have to run for a Charity you can run as a normal entry 

I am unable to run can I give my number to someone else?

No Your running number is unique to you and enables our safety team to access the personal details you have supplied to us quickly, if needed on race day. Giving your bib to another runner will result in both you and them being disqualified from this race. UK Athletics rules state: 

“Numbers are issued to the individual athlete completing the application form except with the specific authority of the Race Organiser. Athletes who receive transferred numbers without permission will be disqualified from the race. Both runners will be subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate National Association.”

What will the race pack include?

The Race Pack will include your timing chip which is MyLaps Bib Tag which will be attached to the back of  your race number and a  luggage label to be used if required in the Baggage Area. The  Information for Runners PDF information booklet can download from here.

How can I get in contact with you?

If you need to contact us for any reason, the Hotline number is 01782 388128 or use the contact us form.

Do you have a waiting list?

No, there is no waiting list for the race as it is already oversubscribed.

Am I allowed to raise money for a nominated charity other than ‘The Prince Philip Trust’?

Yes, you are allowed to raise funds for your own nominated charity.

I have changed my address since entering, can I change my contact details?

Yes please, it is important to notify us if you change your address as soon as possible.  You have access to your registered data.  To change any details please go to the link which you will find on your confirmation email that you received when you entered online or email: If this is not done, we cannot guarantee that you will receive all race communications.

Where do I find advice on pre-race training?

For advice, please go to The Training section,  where you will find a training programme.

What do I do if I haven’t received my race pack?

If you do not receive your race pack, please email us via the contact us form to  inform us that your pack has not arrived. Then please arrive early on race day and go to the Administration Marquee where you will be issued with a new Race number and timing device.

When will entries open and close?

Entries open 29th September 2020 9am and will close when we have reached 6000 entries.


Am I able to have a refund if I am unable to run?

No Refunds are offered if you are not able to run. No refund can be given if the race has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside our control, for instance by order of the government due to foot and mouth. Your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event, and the main costs to contractors, suppliers, administration etc are already committed well before race day.

I have entered by post, how do I know if I have been accepted into the race?

You can check by clicking the ‘Am I In’ section on the website.

Which is the best way to enter the race?

Using the online system, but if you do not have access to a computer, you can enter by post.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

Transfers of an entry to another person are permitted with the organisers consent up until 1st August 2021.  Please download an substitution entry form, the substitute must fill it in and send it with your name and address with a cheque for £10 made payable to Running4Women Ltd/Windsor Half Marathon and send it back to Windsor Half Marathon, 64 Wildacres, Wollaston, Stourbridge, West Midlands. DY8 3PH.  Please note entries to the Windsor Half Marathon are personal to the applicant.  Any runner who competes in another person’s race number will be disqualified and also if part of a team, this will result in the team being disqualified. If you would like to pay by Bank Transfer please contact for the details.

When will I receive my race number?

Race numbers will be posted out approximately 3 weeks before the race.

Where do I wear my race number and with what?

Pin your number to the front of your vest, one pin in each corner.

Do I have to wear my timing device?

Yes, it is very important that you wear your timing device, it is the only way that we know that you have started the race.

Where do I wear my timing device?

The timing device is MyLaps Bib Tag this device is already attached to the back of your number so just attach your number to your running vest/t-shirt and off you go.  It is very important to wear your number clearly visible on the front of your running vest/t-shirt. Your number must not be altered in anyway or covered by any clothing/tri belt. Do not bend twist or fold your number.

Do I need to register on the day?

No, you do not have to register on the day.

Can I wear headphones?

Although not recommended, personal stereos, IPods & mp3 players can be used at the Windsor Half Marathon. WHM follows UKA standards and strongly advise that you DO NOT wear in ear headphones or use audio devices during the race for your own safety, especially on road sections The Windsor Half is a 2-lap course and runners need to be able to hear our marshals who will ask the main field to move over as the faster runners and accompanying vehicles overtake them at speed on their second lap. We also occasionally need to get emergency vehicles along the course too. If you really can’t run without headphones please use common sense and show a duty of care to others. However, we endorse the use of Aftershokz and similar bone conduction headphones as these provides a safe solution allowing participants to hear their surroundings as well as their music.

If I arrive late for the start, can I still compete in the race?

You will not be allowed to start if you arrive ten minutes or more after the start of the race.

Are they any prizes/awards?

Yes, there are prizes for the first 6 runners, male and female and also age group category awards.

Where do we go at the end of the race?

You will be guided through the finishing funnels at the end of which you can collect your baggage and enjoy the rest of the day.

What do I get at the finish?

You will receive a commemorative medal.

How long before the race should I eat/drink?

It depends upon the individual, but usually 2 – 3 hours.

Will I get an accurate finish time?

Your chip time is accurate for you personally as it is only activated when you cross the start and finish mats.

When will I find out my finishing time and position?

Results should be online late on Sunday evening after the race.

What should I do if I lose my race number or timing device?

If you do lose your number and timing device, then please arrive early on race day and go to the Administration Marquee where you will be issued with a new Race number and timing device.

What happens if cannot finish the race?

Unless you are injured in any way and need ambulance transportation, there is no possible means of getting you back to the start./finish.

What time should I arrive for the start?

You should leave yourself enough time to be at the venue at least 1 hour before the start.  Please remember there may be road works, traffic problems en-route together with other events in and around Windsor.

Am I allowed to run with a pushchair?

No, pushchairs are NOT allowed on the course during the race.

What should I wear?

You should wear appropriate clothing that is suitable to run in and also take into account  the weather conditions on the day.

What time does the Race start?

The Half Marathon starts at 10.00am, the Sprite Sprint starts at 9.00am and the Glynn Shefford Memorial Run starts at 10.15am.