Get To Know Our Race Ambassadors

Get to know our Race Ambassadors – We asked our Race Ambassadors Five Quick Fire Questions –

Today is the turn of Suzy 


1. What 3 words best describe your experience of the Windsor Half?

hilly, happy, rewarding!


2. What can you not live without on race day?

Positive Mental Attitude-if you think you’ll have a tough race you will. If you think positively, you’ll have a far more enjoyable race experience


3. What’s your favourite song to train to?

Footloose by Kenny Loggins for speed work, and an Audiobook for long solo runs.


4. What is your favourite thing about running?

The headspace running affords me-I am always in a better frame of mind post run.


5. What’s your running moto?

Try your best. That simple!