Home Workout Ideas For Runners In Lockdown

What are the best home workouts to maintain your running fitness during coronavirus isolation?


Coronavirus measures are causing havoc with our daily routines and liberties, and will be particularly painful for runners who rely on getting outside to keep fit and let off steam.


Whilst home workouts aren’t ideal – they’re no substitute for long runs in nature – they do have plenty of benefits for runners.


Here’s how to use home workouts to boost your cardiovascular fitness, maintain your strength, and work on neglected areas of your fitness. All you need is 10 minutes
(but longer is good too!)


10 minutes

Warm up then set a timer for 10 minutes

Do as many rounds and reps as possible of:

6 burpees

8 air squats

10 sit ups


15 minutes

Warm up then set a timer for 15 minutes

Do as many rounds and reps as possible of:

3 walk outs

A 30-second wall sit

10 overhead presses (5 each arm) – use any weighted object in the house!

8 press ups


20 minutes


Air squat

Press ups

Jump lunges (or regular lunges)

Do 50 of each, then 40 of each, all the way down until 10 of each.


25 minutes

Do 3 rounds of:

30 sit ups

20 press ups

30 air squats

20 triceps dips

Finish up with 50 single skips (if you have a rope) or low side-to-side hops

If you’ve still got time remaining, hold a plank and stretch your quads and hamstrings.


30 minutes

If you’ve got a free 30 minutes to exercise, treat your body with a yoga flow. Google a free video or join an online class from a local studio.