How to Start Training for a Half Marathon

Start Training

Assess Your Starting Point
Before you plan your half-marathon training, it makes sense to assess where you’re at. Are you a beginner, building up to running a few miles consistently? Or have you run distance races before?

How Long Have You Got?
Once you’ve made an honest assessment of your starting point, work out how long you’ll need to train for a half-marathon. Take into account building up your weekly long runs, increasing by a mile or two each week, and make sure you build in time for de-load weeks.

Pick A Race
So you now have a plan and you know you’ll need 8, 12 or 16 weeks to set aside for training for a half-marathon. Now the fun begins! Look through our online event listings to find a half-marathon which fits your time scale.

Find A Training Plan
Now you need to find a training plan which will suit your needs and the time you have available. Our website can help you with that, or perhaps you belong to a running club who will be able to assist you with structuring your training.

Check Your Kit
Before you start training for a half-marathon, check that your running shoes and clothing (running bras) fit well and are not worn and frayed. Your most important bits of kit need to support and cushion you as you put your body through half-marathon training.

Commit To It!
Finally, make the commitment! Tell friends, post on the forums, start your own blog or online journal or make an announcement on your Facebook page (or ours!) If you tell people about your goal, you’re more likely to stick to it. And you’ll have more support, too.