Ten Tips For Half Marathon Race Day

10 Tips For HM Race Day

You’ve done it, the training is finished and the next stage is the start line. Here are the Windsor Half Marathon team’s top ten tips to make half-marathon race day go more smoothly.

  1. Pack Your Bags
    The night before half-marathon race day, lay out all your kit and any spare items you may need. You could even pin your number on to your vest or load up your pockets or fuel belt with gels. Be prepared, so nothing takes you by surprise on race day!
  2. Get Organised
    Get everything together: your entry paperwork, route and parking information, phone numbers of supporters and anything else you’ll need for your half-marathon race day.
  3. Check The Route
    Not the race route, but your transport route. If you’re driving, check the route, any diversions, and how long it will take. If you’re taking public transport, double check timings and any connections.
  4. Get a weather report
    The day before your half-marathon, get a local weather report and then plan your kit accordingly. Think about what you’ll wear before and after the race as well as during the race itself.
  5. Post-Race Essentials                                                                                                                                              Don’t forget to pack the items you’ll want quick access to after you cross the finish line. Think about warm, dry clothing, a spare pair of socks and trainers, food and drink and maybe a beanie hat if the weather’s chilly
  6. Get An Early Night
    Not just the night before, but two nights before your half-marathon race day, get a good night’s sleep. Just in case you can’t sleep well the night before due to nerves or disturbances, at least you’ll have another good night in the bank!
  7. Kit Bag Must-Haves
    Make a list of items you’ll need before, during and after your half-marathon. This list may evolve over time and it will become an invaluable go-to resource. Start with the obvious: your running kit, bra, shoes and socks, your number, your nutrition and drinks, plasters, safety-pins, sunscreen, a small amount of cash, a camera and your MP3 player if you want to listen to it.
  8. Make a playlist
    Even if you don’t want to (or are not allowed to) run with earphones in during the race, you might want to listen to music on the way to the race, or as you warm up. Spend some time making a playlist of your favourite motivational tunes. It’s a fun thing to do!
  9. Drum Up Support
    We’re sure you’ve got plenty of people coming along on half-marathon race day but why not see who else would like to spectate? Does anyone live along the route? You could ask them to pop out and cheer you on, if you can give them a rough estimate of when you’ll be passing.
  10. Plan Your Celebration
    Finally, plan to celebrate your victory on half-marathon race day! Whether you choose to go for a late lunch or dinner with friends, family or supporters, book yourself in for a massage or pedicure, take a lovely day off, or buy yourself a stylish new bit of running kit, do plan something to mark the occasion.

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