2013 Directors Race Report

The weather this year was very kind to us and this reflected in the atmosphere on the day. It was simply one of the best Windsor Half Marathons we have had!

Although we regard the WHM as quite a successful event we are continually looking at ways to improve it and this year was no exception. For some time now I have had some runners “moan” about the fact that they found it difficult to get past the slower runners just after the start up the Long Walk. We decided to introduce Timing Gates corresponding to the time runners had estimated they would finish the Race. These were colour coded and I was mightily impressed with the way the runners took it all on board and, listening to some of them after they thought that it was a definite improvement.

St John were kept particularly busy compared to last year when it was much cooler, but as usually they coped very professionally with everything that was thrown at them – my thanks go out to the whole Medical Team.

It was really good to see Kojo Kyereme from Shaftsbury Harriers at last get the win that he has tried so hard for over the last 7 years and it is always a great pleasure to see the local Athletic Club Datchet Dashers perform well again, they have supported us for many years and it is always good to see local clubs do well. In the Ladies Race 5 of the first 6 runners were over 35 years old! Come on you youngsters where are you?

So here we are, heading into Autumn and the planning for 2014 is about to commence and it all starts on Tuesday October 8th with our Team “wash-up” meeting where we go through the whole event piece by piece so that we can iron out any problems for next year

You will all receive an email early in December announcing the opening of entries which will also include information on what will be happening in 2014. Thank you all for your support this year and I hope that you manage to keep running through the winter, it would be sad to lose the fitness you have gained by training for the Half Marathon.

I would like to finish as I always do by thanking all the volunteers for the fantastic efforts they put in before, during and after the event – without them there would be no Windsor Half Marathon.

A big thank you goes to all our sponsors who continue to support us despite the unfavourable financial climate!

I look forward to seeing you all in 2014
Peter Hier
Race Director